Thursday, August 28, 2008

Catching Up Once Again!

OK, so I haven't posted a new blog in a while. Still no job for me. Justin may be changing shifts at work before too much longer. Looks like he will be going to days. He's not so sure that those hours will be the best though. With his commute it will take him even longer to come and go from work. He will end up hitting major rush hour at least one way.

I have my next doctors appointment next Tuesday. Just a routine checkup. I am really excited to hear our little boys heartbeat again though. He has been so active lately. He still likes to hang out really low. Justin hasn't been able to feel him kick yet, but I think that is due to where the baby is laying. Hopefully he will move soon so his daddy can experience the thrill of his kicks. (I can't wait for him to kick Justin in the back while he is sleeping). My hands have started to swell a bit lately, and I am having a hard time wearing my wedding rings. I think they are about to be put up for a while. My feet swell on days like today when I have been up and on them a lot. I was up and down the stairs all day doing laundry. Then this evening I vacuumed the living room and dining room. I swept and mopped the kitchen and den, did dishes and wiped all the counters in the kitchen down from top to bottom. As of Monday, we will only have 16 weeks left of baby baking time left.

We think we have a name picked out, but I am going to just sit on that till a little later. Hopefully we have come up with one that will stick. It's bad enough that we have nothing for him yet (except a couple of outfits), not having a name for him as well was starting to get frustrating.

Peanut is doing good. He is still as rotten as ever. He had his last set of puppy shots this last Monday, and we scheduled his surgery for his neutering. He goes in on the 9th of Sept. The vet has told me that this will calm him down some. Any who - here's a few pics to tide everyone over till my next post!!!!

Peanut has learned how to jump up on the furniture by himself. He thinks my chair is his chair. Every time I get up - he comes and climbs up in my chair!!!!!

Here he is on the couch. He thinks he owns the place.

Awwww!!!!! Snuggling on the couch with his daddy!!!!

He was just hanging out outside. He acts mellow there. Bring him in the house and he goes nuts!!!!!

He really liked his new rawhide bones I got him. He got a beef basted one and a chicken basted one. He is going to town on the beef one here.

We have this huge tree in the front yard, and the branches were starting to get out of control. Justin came out the upstairs window and climbed over to this part of the roof to finish trimming the branches off of the house.

Still trimming. It looks so much better now that it is all trimmed up!!!!!

Peanut was trying to help daddy. He was grabbing the branches as they fell and dragging them out of the way. Most of them were bigger than he is. Justin didn't appreciate the help very much though. He had to run all over the front yard picking up branches.....LOL.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


OMG!!! Can you say shock? We were both expecting to hear Girl. We are so excited. We really did not expect a little boy. I hope he ends up with daddies complexion and dark blue eyes. The Ultra Sound tech said he looked beautiful. Spine, Kidneys, Face and Heart all looked wonderful. I think he is going to be a sleepy boy like his daddy. He seems to like it best curled up very low. The US tech laughed at me when I asked if the baby was really that low. I thought I had been having gas bubbles for the last few weeks - Nope it was our little boy saying hello!!! She had to really jiggle him to get him to move around. He was curled up in a little ball just a snoozing away. Once he woke up though, he seemed more than happy to play for a while. He is weighing in around 12 ounces right now, and was playing really hard because his heart rate was 170. He has been very active since we got up this morning, so maybe he won't be as big of a sleepy head as his daddy. I am so excited and nervous to be a mommy to a little boy. I have much more experience with girls, but I think it will all be fine.

And now for the moment you have all been waiting for - Pictures.

(I got a DVD of the whole U/S, but it is about 15 minutes long, and I am having a hard time getting it to upload).

HI!!!! I have a hand up by my cheek and am waving to you!!!

You should have seen mommy cry when the nice lady typed "I'M A BOY" on the screen. I had her fooled - She thought I was a girly girl....hee-hee!!!

Daddy had to ask what she was pointing at on the screen. Silly daddy, There is a lot for me to teach him if he doesn't know.

My face - Am I super star, model material, football hero, cute already, or what!!

Mommy must have thought so - She needed an extra face shot of me!! I think I have her wrapped around my little fingers already!!!

This is toward the end of my photographic debut. Mommy was being way to sappy and crying too much, so I had to bring her back to reality.... I kicked her good.

Hopefully her and daddy can come up with a name for me soon!!! I can't go to school with the name Baby Boy!!!