Monday, October 27, 2008

32 Week Drs Appointment

I had my 32 week appointment this morning. Everything is still going pretty good. My blood pressure has been great and no anemia. I was finally brave enough to ask how much weight I had gained overall. With only 8 weeks left I am sitting at about 19 pounds. Not too bad. Our little boys heart rate today was 143, and the doctor said I am still measuring about where I need to be. He was trying to determine if he was head up or head down, and could not tell for sure so he had me get a quick ultrasound done. The little turkey is still very breech. His head is up under my ribs on the right side, his back is following along my ribs on the left side and his butt down towards my left hip. The Dr. said that if he doesn't get turned to a head down position in the next 2 - 3 weeks that we will start discussing alternative ways to get him turned.

I also got my flu shot today. Uugghh - I forgot how much those hurt. My arm feels like it could fall off...hee-hee. Now I just have to convince Justin to get a flu shot as well. I even tried the "If you don't and come home with the flu and make the baby sick - you will be the one to stay up with him" bit, but it didn't work either. I may have to enlist some help on this one.

I go back to the doctor again in 2 weeks and "YAY" get to have another peek at our little boy. My Dr. wanted to have a more detailed scan done than what was done today to get some measurements and see how big our little guy is getting to be. I told Justin he might want to go to that appointment.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a little bit of energy and can scan in our newest pictures of the baby.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Peanut Pics (Can't forget about him)

I am going to have to get a 2nd camera for when the baby comes. I think in the 3 1/2 months I have had Peanut - I have accumulated over 200 pictures of him. I can't help it though - He is so darn photogenic. He does know how to ham it up for the camera.
Peanut was trying to get Daddy to share his Fruity Pebbles with him. Poor Peanut - Daddy doesn't share Fruity Pebbles. Not even with Mommy!!!!
Trying to eat Justins spitter bottle.
He wore himself out!!
Close up of our cute little puppy!! I can't believe he is 6 months old already.
Peanut was trying to help Daddy with his homework. Actually - he was all about that dumb spitter bottle again.
Peanut was chewing on the straw of Justin's Capri Sun when he was done drinking it.
Laying at the top of the stairs. I find him there a lot. Especially during the day when Justin is up there sleeping.
Peanut - cleaning out his daddy's ears.
Laying down on his couch in the den. This is where he sleeps at night.
This is the 1st and only pic so far of fat mommy and Peanut. I am usually the one wielding the camera.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pics of baby stuff!!

I scored this swing at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago for a whole $35.00
Can you say "A Steal"
The bouncy seat I got for $5!!!
I love garage sales!

Lots of Updates!!

Ok, I have really been slacking lately. There are lots of updates from the Southworth household.

First off - I want to say congratulations to my brother and sister in-laws. Yesterday morning my sister in law gave birth by C-section to our new nephew. He was 7 lbs 9 ozes and 19 inches long. The report was that mommy and baby were both doing great!! I don't have any pictures of him yet, but am hoping we can go visit this weekend and meet him and see our neice Madolyn.

Peanut is doing great. He is not liking the chilly mornings we have been having. It has been in the mid 60's in the mornings and a few of them were actually down into the 50's. (I know, I know - nothing like the chilly that my friends and family in Nebraska go through.) I don't know what he is going to do this winter when it is really cold. He hightails it right back into the house in the mornings when he is done doing his business and steals the blanket on the couch. He is getting so big.

He gave me quite the scare the other night. I had him outside to go to the bathroom and it was dark out. He was over by an old stump in our yard digging around and came running over to me with foam coming out of his mouth. I freaked out. I got a bucket of water and was rinsing his head off (there was foam everywhere) while sitting out on the front sidewalk in histerics. I even called Justin on his cell at work because I didn't know what was wrong with him. The little turd had gotten ahold of a toad or something. He setteled down a bit once we came inside and I got him fed, but I was worried all night about him. I think I got up every hour and went down to check on him. All is well now though - he is just fine and back to normal.

I have had 2 doctors appointments since I posted last. At my 28 week appointment our little guy was head down and all was well. At my 30 week appointment this last monday he had decided to flip and is head up in my ribs now. The doctor wasn't too worried though. He said if he not sure of his position or still head up by my 36 week appt then we would do another scan to check him out. He did say he could flip around a few more times in the coming weeks though.

I am going for doctors appointments every 2 weeks now. After 2 more we will be down to weekly. I am hoping that makes the next 9 weeks go by faster.

Here's some new pics for everyones entertainment!!!!
No making fun of the big ole belly - ok!! I feel like I am big as a house already. My belly already feels streched to the max. I don't know how it is going to grow even more!!!!