Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pictures 12/28/08 - 12/31/08

Pics from 12/28/08 - 12/31/08
Ryan is almost 2 weeks old.

Justin & Peanut snuggling

Mommy & Ryan (He still likes to be held so that his belly is in the palm of my hand)

Mommy & Ryan - Hanging out
Peanut - being....Peanut

Daddy - trying to make Ryan smile

My big boy

He was already starting to be a Houdini and get out of his swaddle

I can't believe how big his feet were

On his changing table getting ready to get dressed for the day

Napping & being cute


Ryan & Mimi (Justin's mom Kris)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Pictures from 12/26/08 - 12/27/08

I thought I would try to put a few new pictures up here from the last 2 1/2 months every day. My problem is picking my favorites. I love them all.

Ryan, Justin and Peanut
Peanut was so curious about him the first couple of weeks.
Mommy giving her baby boy some sugar.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ryan's 1st Vacation

Justin surprised us with a little vacation to Pigeon Forge. He rented a cabin for us for Sat, Sun and Mon nights. We boarded Peanut at the vets and hit the road. It snowed there on Sat (at least an inch). Ryan got to see his first snow. He wasn't very impressed. Here are a few pics from our trip.

The name of the Cabin was Moose Lake Lodge. I wanted to take Ryan's picture with the moose and completely forgot.
The stairs up to the loft bedroom, jacuzzi and one of the bathrooms.
The family room area
Justin's favorite place. The gas fireplace.

The full kitchen. Sadly the dishwasher in the cabin was bigger and nicer than my new one at the house.

The truck had not seen snow in a long time.

The pond behind the cabin

The lower deck

The upper deck (and the hot tub!!!)

I loved the rocking chairs on the back deck!

Justin and Ryan hanging out watching tv

My little pool shark.
"12 ball Corner Pocket"

"Drat!! Next time you are mine you naughty 12 ball"

"Vacation is tiring work"

Having silly time with dad!

Our 1st family photo!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I know - I'm a slacker!! This one's for you Liz!!

Ok, I have been totally slacking lately. I did not realize it had been since Christmas when I posted last. We had company over New Years until the 5th of January. Justin's mom and Grandmother came to visit us and meet Ryan. It was not long after that my son decided to be a major crabby pants. It started out just in the evening time (from about 6-9) and by the last couple of weeks was going from about 10 AM until 8 or 9 PM (sometimes later). He would just scream all day long. When I took him in for his 2 month checkup a week ago the Dr. said he is pretty sure that my baby has Reflux. He prescribed some baby Zantac and said to let him know if we didn't see any improvement. I tried for 2 days to get Ryan to swallow his medicine with no luck. I called the Dr. back to see if there was a trick to it, and they called in a different medicine. Now he is on Axid and it seems to be helping some.

He is up to 10 lbs 3 oz and 21 1/2 inches long. Our little spider mondey is getting so big.

He also had to have his shots. It was horrible. He was not a happy camper anyway so that just made it worse.

He was having one of his screaming fits when the Dr. came in and he asked me how long this had been going on. I asked him if he meant this meltdown or overall. Overall 5-6 weeks. He just looked at me and said "I can't believe how sane you look for someone with such a fussy baby". I just responded, "this is just his 1st meltdown of the day. Give me few hours and my appearance will change" !!

I will try to be a little more current on my blogs, but if you want to see hundreds of pictures (literally 400+) check out my Facebook.

Just a few more pics:
Ryan was a little over a week old in this picture!!
And here he is at 2 months old!!

Daddy and Ryan having a stare down!!

My big boy!!

I leave you with a smile:)