Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Still A Slacker

I really need to get better about posting!  It's been a crazy year so far!  We celebrated Ryan's 3rd Birthday last December!  It's so hard to believe that "baby boy" will be 4 in less than 3 months!  

I went back to work in January, doing a seasonal job!  Did income taxes for Jackson Hewitt!  It was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed the the craziness of "peak" and end of season rush! 

On February 10th, we found out we were pregnant again (not something we shared with many people after our loss in Dec 2009)! My OB/GYN was amazing with our concerns and had me go to the hospital that night (Friday) to have my blood drawn!  She called me back later that night and said my numbers were amazing, and wanted me to have them drawn again on Sunday night!  An hour after I had my blood drawn, she called and said that my numbers had not gone up enough and it was not going to be a viable pregnancy.  Said to come into her office first thing in the morning (she was actually going to be closed all week to pack the office and move to a new building, but said they would keep the ultrasound equipment out until after she had seen me).  We get to the office and she comes in to do the scan herself!  Sure enough, the pregnancy was in my remaining tube.  She gave us the options and left to let Justin and I discuss!  I was so thankful he was able to leave work to go with me!  Because we caught it early enough, we were able to do the methotrexate shot instead of surgery.  We ran to the pharmacy and got the medication and went back to have the shot administered!  It worked, and the pregnancy was terminated.  :(   

I chose to go back on birth control for a few months after that to give my body a chance to heal and the methotrexate to get out of my system!  We have been back to trying again for about 5 months now, but not having any luck!  I am now at the point of trying to decide if we should just be done, or keep trying!  I'm thinking if nothing happens in the next couple months, I need to just sell all the baby stuff we kept from Ryan and move on with our lives! 

So much more has happened other than that, but I think that should be a whole other post!