Wednesday, April 30, 2008

1st Ultrasound

We had our first ultrasound today. I was so awesome. Justin and I got to see and hear our baby's heartbeat!! The doctor said everything looked great, and our due date is Dec 21st.
**And mom, there is only 1 in there!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

1st Doctors Appointment

Wow!!! I had my first Doctors Appointment today. I wasn't sure what exactly would happen seeings how it was a brand new doctor. I met with nurse first and she took all my medical history. Then she poked my finger to get a drop of blood to check my iron. Next I had to pee in a cup. I'm getting really good a peeing - alot!! I had to wait about 5 minutes or so and she came and got me and said that it was positive and the dr was going to do a pap and pelvic. I was past due. I should have had one last September, and I had completely forgotten about it since I had had my surgery then. So I have my exam done and go talk to the dr in his office. He said everything looks really good. I asked him about my lactose intolerance, and he said to take Caltrate + D to supplement the calcium and Vitamin D I am missing out on by not being able to drink milk. He also said if the morning sickness gets too bad to let him know and he would prescribe something for the nausea. I was really surprised when he said he wanted to do an ultrasound next week. Like, Monday to be exact. He said it is still early, but we should be able to see the heartbeat. I am really excited about this. He also said that the little bit of cramping I have been having is normal, but if I have any more spotting at all to call them right away. They drew some blood before I left to check my hormone levels and told me to call tomorrow after 11:00 am to find out how they were. I guess I will know more after Monday. I am very relieved.

Justin had went with me to my appt., but he decided to just sit out in the waiting room. silly guy. He missed all the "fun". Afterwards, we came home and I decided it was nap time. I think I slept for at least 2 hours. It was really nice!! I could really grow to like naps.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lots of Updates!!

Ok, quite a bit has gone on over the last 24 hours.

I had a job interview yesterday afternoon. It lasted over 4 hours. I think that is a good sign. I didn't get home til after 7:00 last night. It is for a Risk Management Administrative Assistant. Sounds good to me...Hee-Hee. I will just be happy to have found a job. Hopefully I will know something more about that by the end of this week or early next week.

A lot of people already know this, but after 3 years of trying, Justin and I are going to be parents. We are very excited about this. We will have our first doctors appointment tomorrow - to confirm it. My rough guestimate of a due date is around Dec 19 to the 21st. We will see how close I am. I wanted to wait to say anything about it until we were a bit farther along, but with everything we have already been throught just to get to this point - I really couldn't stay quiet.

For those that didn't know -
We started trying to get pregnant right after we were married. It was a year after that, that it was determined that I did not ovulate. Great - Can't get pregnant without doing that. After many tests, I went on a 9 month round of Clomid. It seemed to be working as I would go have blood work done every month and every month my progesterone levels would come back very high. That meant having to have a blood pregnancy test done. Month after month it came back as negative. I think that was about the lowest point for me. Every month, we got our hopes so high only to be shot back down. Every month I actually contemplated if it was worth the heartache to do if for another round. Last September I had a scope surgery done to check my tubes. That came out very well. My tubes were clear, so now it was Justin's turn to be checked out.
After all of this, they could not determine a reason for our infertility. I had actually made an appointment with a doctor in Lincoln to look into my other options, when we got the word that we would be moving to Georgia.

I canceled the appointment and got busy focusing on the move. Must have been all of my focus on moving, because we actually did it on our own. I'm not sure how I feel about this whole morning sickness thing. Whoever named it that needs to be shot. Should be called "All Day and All Night Sickness". I will be glad when this part of it is over. Yesterday, I woke up and felt really good. Not even a little bit queasy. I thought "Yes, this is going to be a good day". Teaches me to think. About 9:00 last night it hit. Needless to say, I went to bed pretty early.

Guess that is about it for now. Will post more after my appointment tomorrow!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Aaargh Ants

Ok, so I have an ant problem at my new house. I put out ant baits right after we moved in and it helps a little bit, but I can't even put dishes in my sink without rinsing them immediately. If I don't I have ants all over the place again. We had went to the grocery store last night and got some donuts. Justin must have opened them up last night after I went to bed. He re-shut the box, but when I got up this morning my whole flippen countertop was covered with those nasty little black ants. If anyone has any other ideas on how to get rid of them it would be really helpful. They are about to drive me nuts.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Ok, so since we now live somewhere where we actually have to maintain our own yards, we had to go find a mower. I caved and decided Justin could get a riding mower. I think we went all over Cherokee and Cobb counties before we finally just gave up and went to Lowe's. I could not believe how pricey they were. Then the $3.50 gas. This is Justins new form of entertainment. It only took him about a half an hour tonight to mow the front yard. I wanted to get some pictures of him on his new "toy", but the batteries in my camera were dead. Ok, so I know it's not really a toy, but if that is what I have to call it to keep him enthused about it, it will be a toy.

We really didn't do much of anything else today. I actually slept in this morning. We didn't get up till after 10:00. I don't know how long it has been since I have actually slept past 7 or 8. It was really kind of nice.

We went to a pizza buffet place for dinner tonight. We used to go to a place in Lincoln called Ci-Ci's that is an inexpensive pizza buffet. We have a Ci-Ci's here that is only a few blocks away, but we thought we would try Stevie B's out. It was about the same price as Ci-Ci's, and the pizza was a lot better. I left there feeling very full. I didn't think it was possible to love and hate something all at once, but that is how I feel about any kind of buffet. HEE-HEE.

Justin is planning on mowing the back yard tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can get some good pictures of him. He really does not like the camera and does not alway cooperate with me.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today, I am just relaxing while Justin sleeps. He has been working nights now, so who knows how our weekends will play out.

Here are some pics of our new house!!

Front view

Back Yard:


More to come later!!!

The Big Move

Hello to everyone, from the sunny state of Georgia. It is hard to believe that just one week ago I was still a Nebraska resident. Just 9 days ago, this is what I was looking at:

One Really empty living room!

One alomost empy kitchen!

and one car on a trailer