Sunday, April 20, 2008


Ok, so since we now live somewhere where we actually have to maintain our own yards, we had to go find a mower. I caved and decided Justin could get a riding mower. I think we went all over Cherokee and Cobb counties before we finally just gave up and went to Lowe's. I could not believe how pricey they were. Then the $3.50 gas. This is Justins new form of entertainment. It only took him about a half an hour tonight to mow the front yard. I wanted to get some pictures of him on his new "toy", but the batteries in my camera were dead. Ok, so I know it's not really a toy, but if that is what I have to call it to keep him enthused about it, it will be a toy.

We really didn't do much of anything else today. I actually slept in this morning. We didn't get up till after 10:00. I don't know how long it has been since I have actually slept past 7 or 8. It was really kind of nice.

We went to a pizza buffet place for dinner tonight. We used to go to a place in Lincoln called Ci-Ci's that is an inexpensive pizza buffet. We have a Ci-Ci's here that is only a few blocks away, but we thought we would try Stevie B's out. It was about the same price as Ci-Ci's, and the pizza was a lot better. I left there feeling very full. I didn't think it was possible to love and hate something all at once, but that is how I feel about any kind of buffet. HEE-HEE.

Justin is planning on mowing the back yard tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can get some good pictures of him. He really does not like the camera and does not alway cooperate with me.

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