Saturday, September 6, 2008


Ok, so I now have less than 4 months left. YAY!!!! I went to the Dr. this last tuesday for my 24 week checkup. Everything was good. The Dr. said I was measuring right where we need to be, and that everything else was looking good. I go back on Sept 30th for my 28 week appt. I have to do my test for gestational diabetes then. They sent home the drink stuff with me to put in my fridge. I just have to drink it about 40 minutes before my appt. After this next appt, I will have to start going every 2 weeks since I will be in my 3rd trimester (YAY). There is a big sale at a baby furniture store in Kennisaw today, so as soon as I go get Justin up at 2:30, we are going. Everything in the store is up to 70% off. I am starting to get a bit of an antsy feeling since I have absolutely nothing for this baby.

Peanut is still doing good. He has been being so good the last couple of days. He still has his naughty puppy moments, but nothing like he was before. I think he is getting ready to start cutting his adult teeth, cuz he has been super fussy and chewing on everything the last week or two. Only a few more days till he has his surgery. I have a temp job lined up for next week, and am feeling kind of bad about having to leave him home by himself the day after. I will just have to give him some extra loves when I get home.

Peanuts most recent mouthy work. This was just one of the small messes.

Chewing on his bone.

Daddy's under here somwhere!!!!

Daddy - "where are you?"

There he is!!!!!

He loves this dumb duck.

BTW - It is now missing both of its feet. POOR DUCK!!!!!

Justin told his mom on the phone last weekend - "My wife is getting fat". BUTTHEAD

One more of the fat chick - 24 weeks pregnant!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Awww! You and Peanut are so cute! I had my glucose test last week, and they never called me with results. I guess that's good news - but I'm going to call Monday to check. And the stuff doesn't taste as bad as everyone says. I just hope I passed and don't have to get stuck 3 times in 3 hours!