Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dress up with Daddy!!!!

Ryan was not quite one month old at the time of this video. I had just given him his bath and his daddy showed up just in time to dress him for bed. This is a little long (less than 10 minutes), but very entertaining and comical. It was the first time that Justin had dressed him.

**No daddy's or baby's were injured or killed in the making of this film...LOL!!!! (Although some mommies laughed so hard there may have been some rib damage).

Turn on your sound!!!!

(Filmed 1/10/09)

I don't think that Justin has dressed Ryan since then.


The Hagan Clan said...

that's too funny! Its amazing how daddy's think they are going to break them...so they have to be so careful! This a very cute video!

The Southworth's said...

Thanks!! I had forgotten that I had recorded it and found it this afternoon. He is so funny with him...LOL

The Hicks Family said...

This is SO cute! Reminds me of my husband, sometimes I just wanted to take over so it could be done faster. However it does buy you time when you need to get ready to go: just have daddy get the baby ready! You know you will have at least 10-15 mins to get yourself ready! As far as the Bumbo seat goes, Jaislynn really likes it. Her legs are just getting so fat its a tight squeeze to take her out. She weighs about 16-17lbs. It has came in very handy and I like the tray a lot too. I can set her up with toys in the living room and she is happy for a few mins! You can watch some really cute videos on you tube just search bumbo seats! That is how I decided to go ahead and order one. Ryan is such a doll! I loved the swing videos you put on face book-too cute!