Saturday, April 1, 2017

So many changes!

It has been a long time since I have written anything on here.  Since my last post, we moved from Casper, Wyoming to St Louis, Missouri to Tracy California!  Oh, and had another baby! We lived in St Louis for almost 4 years. I have to say.... I loved it there. In the spring of 2015, we found out we were expecting our rainbow baby.  Jackson Warren was born on Feb 7th, 2016.  He was 6lbs, 6oz and 21 inches long.  In January 2016, Justin started a new position as the service center manager at the FedEx Freight center in Hayward, California. Because my scheduled C-section date was set for Feb 8th, Ryan, Peanut and I had to stay behind. Justin flew back and forth over the 5 weeks that he was gone. 

Jack Jack was born on super bowl Sunday.  Daddy's beloved Bronco's were playing.  I was sure that I would make it to my scheduled time on Monday morning, but Jack had other plans. He was delivered at 4PM and we made it back to the recovery room just in time for Justin to see kick off.  He was holding our new baby boy when the Bronco's won the game.

Ryan was over the moon to be a big brother. The love that him and Jack have for each other makes my heart smile.  Jack squeals and laughs when he sees Ryan.  When I say "Jack! Let's go get Ryan from school!", he giggles and runs to the back door.

So, when Jack was almost 5 weeks old, we got the ok to travel.  Justin flew "home" and took Ryan, Peanut and the pickup and started the 2.5 day drive to California.  Jack and I stayed in a hotel and flew out the day after they arrived.  He did amazing on his first plane ride. 

We have been in California a little over a year, and absolutely love it here.  Ryan turned 8 in Dec and Jack turned 1 in Feb.  We bought our first house in January. Time is going by so fast. My plan is to keep my blog updated with our day to day life here with our 2 amazing little boys!  I am looking forward to the adventures that we will continue to have! 

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