Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Ok, so it had been a fairly good day. I was very excited about a job prospect for me. (I'll tell more about that later.) Then my darling husband (who left for work yesterday at 4:00 PM, and didn't get home from work till almost 10:00 AM) tells me he has to go in early again tonight. So, I wake him up at 4:00 like he asked, and tryed to figure out what to make quick like for supper while he was in the shower. So, he comes downstairs gets his badge, keys, phone, etc... and says he's not hungry, and really has to go. I got to see my husband all of 15 minutes today. Normally I try not to grump about the hours he works, but it has been really hard lately what with living not only in a new city, but a whole new state. Add on top of it damn hormones, and I just want to cry. This really sucks. The hours he worked when we were back in Nebraska sucked, but I had a job and friends there. Here it is me and oh, me. So once again, I sit here on the couch flipping through channels (nothing on tv) and contemplating now what I will make myself for supper. I am sure it won't be healthy but hopefully better than what I ate last night (applesauce) as I am not really one to cook for just myself. I don't normally see much of him during the week due to 10-12 hour shifts and an hour commute each way, but we had always found a way to have dinner together. He is hoping that by tomorrow or the next day, they will be back on track at work and he can start going in at his normal time (8 or 9 at night), but that is just not helping my hormonal, emotional self today.

Ok, I'm done venting now.... I feel better.


Anonymous said...

Go eat a cake! You'll feel better. Hehe. You know the hormones are NOT making your situation any easier! Mark told me the other day that he is keeping a list of all the mean things I say to him so he can get me back later. I said, "Don't bother, I'm just getting you back for what's going to happen in 6 months!"

Randall Miner said...

Keep your head up. You may be clear across the country from us, but we're all just a quick message away if you ever just need to vent. Holler at us anytime. Hell, we have three kids. So, trust me, we have no life and are always around.