Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July & pics

Ok, so peanut was so well behaved over the 4th. We ended up at Justins brother and sister in laws neighbors. They had an entirely fenced in back yard, and a lot of people there. Peanut was in heaven. He was passed around like a baby, and him and Madolyn hit it off great. They would chase each other around the yard. He was yapping and she was giggeling. He puppy chewed a bit at her, but it didn't seem to bother her. He wasn't as aggressive as he is with me, so I was pretty happy. I lost him at some point after Kelly took Madolyn home to put her to bed. He had been out playing, and I went to check on him and could not find him anywhere. I finally found him. He had gotten into his kennel by himself and had fallen asleep. The fireworks didn't seem to bother him either (nor did the thunderstorm we had last night).

We went back to Kevin and Kelly's on Saturday to pick up the bed for the spare bedroom we bought from them. The first words out of Madolyns mouth was "Where's your puppy". We ended up going back a little bit later so Justin could help Kevin move something and made sure we took Peanut with us. We ended up with an entertainment center on that trip. When we left later, we stopped to eat and get cleaned up, and went back to watch the Nascar race. I think it was midnight before we got home.

On Sunday - we had a day of rest. Peanut was still tired from Friday and Saturday, so he slept most of the day. It gave mommy and daddy time to sleep too. We ended up going out to dinner last night to a place called Spagetti Wharehouse. It wasn't too bad. Anyway - enjoy the pics from this weekend!!!

Here I am at 16 weeks.

Peanut hanging out at the barbeque.

He needed a short rest!!

It's a bird!! It's a plane!!! It's BatDog??? Nope, it's just peanut.

He fell asleep in someones lap. He was so cute.

We could not get Madolyn to take off her helmet. She loves it.

This was the first time she rode her bike. It was really exciting!!!

She was still trying to figure out the whole pedaling thing!!

She saw Peanut about this time and decided to take a break from the bike and play with him.

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