Tuesday, November 25, 2008


OMG - 21 days til Ryan is here. We have so many things to finish up before then.

I had my 36 week appointment yesterday. He's still directionally challenged. The Dr. checked my cervix and I am still closed up tight (which is good). I am not going to let him try to sneak out butt first...LOL. The Dr. did tell me that he has right up until they make the incision to turn. (Didn't sound very optimistic about it, but it could happen). If he turns, instead of doing the C-Section they would induce me right away so he does not have a chance to turn again.

Justin and I also did a bit of shopping yesterday morning. I think he was getting tired of listening to me gripe about not having any good pots and pans. All but a couple of the one I had were either rusting or peeling. So, since all of the Linens and Things here in Georgia are closing and having everything on sale - he bought me new cookware. It is Kitchenaide, and is supposed to be really good.

Ryan also got a package yesterday from his Grandma Sandy!!! Lots of clothes and stuff for him. Thank you Grandma!!!!

Thank you Randy and Sarah for sending some of the stuff Dre has outgrown. I really appreciate it!!!

I did some running around this morning. I got some glass casserole dishes so I can make the sides for our Thanksgiving dinner. Justin and I are just going to hang out at home. I will let him sleep when he gets home from work that morning and we will just eat late afternoon or early evening. (It may take me all day to accomplish making this meal.) I got us a small turkey (hopefully big enough to freeze some s0 I don't have to do a ton of cooking when we get home from the hospital), and am going to make mashed potatoes and gravy, dressing and scalloped corn. Oh - and can't forget the cranberry sauce. It is a good thing my next Dr appt isn't until next Tuesday. I would hate to have to get on the scale on friday....LOL.

I also found the cutest little Baby's 1st Christmas stocking at Walgreens. There was only one blue one left, so I had to get it.

I hope everyone has a Very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!


Randall Miner said...

Your welcome. As soon as drippy Dre outgrows some more stuff, we'll get it to your mom. It shouldn't be long though. The little shit's hit a growth spurt again. Good luck with the c-section. You might be surprised by the recovery. Sarah's had two now with Belle being the only natural and she says she'd rather have the c-section anyday.

The Southworth's said...

They are saying that Ryan will probably only be 6 1/2 to 7 lbs, so I am hoping that this smaller stuff will fit him for a little while. I think I am more freaked out with the thought of being awake when they cut me open...YIKES!!! I can't wait til he is here though so I can start putting pictures of him on here!!!!

Dave Ja Vu said...

Not to freak you out or get you TOO excited, but Jack was born exactly 21 days early. Just puttin' that out there for ya...

The Southworth's said...

I am kinda worried about him coming early. I was 5 1/2 weeks early and Justin was about 2 weeks early. There are only a couple of have to have items that I still need to get this weekend (the rest is just want to have), so I think we will be ok if does decide to come earlier. (I hope...LOL)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see him! It's going to be great! And mt best advice - take your pain pills! I was taking 2 Vicodin and a Motrin every 4 hours and I totally know that's what kept me moving and feeling good.