Monday, November 17, 2008

Ok, I'm a Slacker

Seriously though - I think it is written in stone that it is ok to be a slacker when you are 8 months pregnant.

Ok, so a week ago I had my 34 week appointment. They did a growth scan to see how big our little guy was getting to be. He was measuring a little bit small, but they aren't too concerned. Since my belly is measuring right we are thinking he is just going to be a little guy. Bad news is that he doesn't know his directions. His head was still in my ribcage. So, when we met with the Dr. she went over what our options would be should he not turn. One option would be an external version, where they manually turn him. The other would be to just schedule a C-Section. Justin was not very comfortable with the risks of the version, and I was not comfortable with the thought of a C-Section, but we spent the week discussing it.

Fast forward to today. I went in for another appt. They had decided to start seeing me weekly since the baby was breech. The doctor thought that maybe his head was down until I had him check the spot under my right rib where I had been feeling his head. After another ultrasound it was determined that our son just has a hard boney butt and yes, is directionally challenged. The Dr. is not very optomistic about him turning. He said that he has already started to drop butt first down into my pelvis, and once they start to drop the chances of him turning are pretty slim. So, I had a nice long discussion with him (I actually saw my primary Dr. today) about the external version. He said that if this was my 2nd or 3rd pregnancy he might try a little harder to encourage us to try it, but the success rates for a version on a 1st pregnancy were pretty low. Needless to say - they are scheduling a C-Section now. I will know for sure in a couple of days, but it looks like our little guy will be here Dec 16th.

I am not completely happy with this turn out as I was really looking forward to a natural childbirth, but Justin keeps telling me that it does not matter how he gets here as long as both the baby and I are ok.

We decided on a name for him a while back, and I honestly can not remember if I posted anything regarding it or not. (Blame it on Preggo Brain)

Ryan Andrew Southworth will be joining us soon. I am so nervous, yet so excited to meet him. I am curious to see which of his daddies good looks he has. And I am so ready to hold him in my arms instead of having him head butt my ribs.

I have a ton of new pictures on my camera and quite a few new ultrasound pictures that I am trying to find the energy to upload and get posted. Not making any promises, but I will try to get some new pics up soon!!!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Peanut!!! Shame on me... He is doing really good and is currently curled up on my leg napping. He sure likes his naps. Now it is off to bed for the 2 of us!!!!!


The Hagan Clan said...

I know what your going through...Dalten was the same way, he was breech too until the last week of my pregnancy...then he finally turned...thank god! So there is still a chance that Ryan can turn and i be praying for you and hope he does. So glad everything is working out great for you! Im so excite for you! Your going to be an awesome mom!

Anonymous said...

I hope he turns and you get to have the birth you want, but I'll be sure and let you know how my c-section goes. We're so close! Can you believe it?