Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ryan's 1st Bath

Ryan got his 1st bath today. I wiped him down Wed night before his ped appointment on Thur, but it was just with a damp wash clothe. Today - he got the full deal. Man does he smell so good. I looovvveee baby smell. Surprisingly, he liked his bath. He didn't really fuss at all. Shocking since the only time he really cries is when we take his diaper or clothes off to change him....LOL.

Getting his chest damp!!
Ready for the soap!!!

All clean and cute!!
He was so relaxed when we got done and got him dressed!!!
Very content!!
Justin had laid him on the ottoman in front of him so he could shift in the chair. He said his butt was falling asleep....LOL.

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Peyton and Sawyers Place said...

Congratulations Brandy! He is ADORABLE! I really love the pic on the last post, where he just sacked out on the pillow after nursing. How sweet! Babies really are a Godsend, aren't they?!

Again, congrats!

Sarah, Joe, Peytie & Sawyer Vrbas