Friday, December 26, 2008

Ryan's 1st Christmas

OMG - I am loving all of these firsts. We didn't do much this year. We went to Kevin and Kellys on Christmas Eve to take the gifts over for Madolyn and Ian. Came home, had biscuits and gravy for dinner. Went to bed. Exciting, huh!!!
Christmas Day, we got up and Ryan and Peanut got their stockings. Although, Santa called and said he may need a refund on Peanuts...LOL. Justin cooked us brunch and we decided to take a nap. Well, Daddy and Ryan got a nap. As soon as mommy laid down, Peanut needed to go outside. Then, as soon as mommy laid down again, Ryan woke up. After we got up, Justin made a pot of Gumbo for dinner. MMMMM, it was good.

I can't wait until we can increase the number of hours between Ryan's feedings. Three hours is just not enough for mommy. I wake him up, spend 45-60 minutes feeding him and was getting about 2 hours of sleep in between. Not any more. Ryan has decided that it is fun to stay up for another 30-60 minutes after eating, making faces at mommy. I love the snuggle time, but man I need sleep.

Anywho, here's some new pics of the little guy!!

Daddy making funny faces at Ryan!!
Peanut - Giving Ryan kisses!!
Ryan does not like his binky. Usually he uses me as a pacifier. The other night he decided daddy worked just as well. He sucked on Justins finger for 20-30 minutes...LOL.

Kisses from daddy!!

I did get some pics last night of mommy and Ryan, I just haven't gotten them uploaded yet. Maybe this weekend. Hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas!!!!


Anonymous said...

CUTE! He's so tiny!

Dave Ja Vu said...

Do you mind if we list your blog address in our Breeze story on blogging this week? We're listing all the blogs with ties to Wauneta and Palisade in the paper this week with the story, then we'll provide links on our Web site too. If it's okay, send me an email at